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asked Jan 10 in Computer Based Recording & Production by nicholasdamewood (120 points)
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Ok, I apologize for not knowing what I don't know and if that translates into my question(s).

I am just getting into my audio recording journey, and I cannot seem to find an answer that directly relates to my question, dozens of posts seem to peck around it but not at it.

I am considering purchasing the Studio 68c, but I cannot find out if it will do exactly what I want it to do.

I have 4 audio sources;

Heil PR40

3.5mm computer mic

PC audio (audio output from one PC)

PC audio (audio output from another PC)

End result:

I want to record the 4 tracks separately into -insert DAW software here-

Be able to monitor the 4 combined tracks, pre-PC processing

Everything I am finding online is sequentially recording separate tracks and adding them into a DAW in post OR multitrack recording using an external mixer and them all being condensed down into a single track for recording on a PC.

I have been using a ZED FX 10 for years now, and I am ready to upgrade from single track into multitrack recording that is saved as separate tracks in a DAW.


I apologize if this is a poorly worded question, since I am a newbie I don't have the lexicon yet for concisely wording what I am looking for.

4 separate inputs

1 PC Workstation

Want to record the 4 inputs simultaniously as separate tracks in an appropriate piece of software (Studio One 5?)

Will the Studio 68c and Studio One 5 accomplish this? Or the 1810?

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