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Route one channel to two (or more) buses

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asked Feb 6 in Mixing by ivannadiaz (400 points)
The only thing i've been missing in studio one for mixing is routing one track to more than one bus (Or fx track) like in pro tools or cubase. I really like the mixing style of michael brauer, and it requires that routing possibilities. I've tried to use sends, but it has some limitations and it tends to be not so clean and flexible compared with direct routing.

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answered Apr 10 by Lukas Ruschitzka (218,420 points)
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answered Feb 7 by tothrec (18,380 points)
Could you please describe these limitations and how they are unclean and inflexible?  That way we can vote on your suggestions as feature requests.

Unless I'm missing something, creating multiple sends is exactly what you want.

Each DAW has it's own way of doing things.  They all support some form of parallel processing.

If you use a lot of parallel processing and don't like the way it is supported in S1, then you should use the tool that fits your working style the best.

I use Pro Tools for some projects and Studio One for others.
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answered Feb 7 by ivannadiaz (400 points)
Yeah, but the problem i have with sends, is that the actual track that im sending to another channel still sounds. I want to hear the track by the buses, and not by the track + the sends. I know you can use another daw, but it would be awesome that studio one have that kind of posibilities, so people dont need to go from one daw to another so frequently.