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Recording click in studio one (5) when using gitar and voice with PreSonus 68 C

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asked Feb 8, 2021 in Studio One 5 by fokkedejong (120 points)


I hope some can help me out!? That would be very nice...smiley

I'm using a Presonus 68C audio box for recording voice and gitar in Studio one (5)

I'm using the metronome in studio one. It works fine but when I playback the track,
indeed i can use the fader for the metronome and put it on zero. Or put the metronome out in option. I'm aware how that works. But stil in the background ik hear the click. It's both with he gitar and voice. And the problems is not the headphone that records the click. 

Couldn't find the same question somewhere. Hope some one have an idea and can help me.

Already thanks!


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