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How do I mirror channels and keep independent controls over them on a StudioLive Series III 32 console?

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asked Mar 5, 2021 in StudioLive Series III by igrejaocenica (130 points)
Hi, everyone!

Our church has a StudioLive Series III 32 console. We use it with a 32R as StageBox. It controls FOH and monitor mixes through aux outputs. But we also use the last aux outputs to send audio to live stream. Because FOH audio has different needs than streaming, we wanted to use  some unused channels to mirror microphone channels, in order to use the mirrored channels as streaming mics, while the original channels as FOH mics. This way we hoped to be able to have completely independent controls, since preamp gain, through gate, comp and eq on those channels.

For ex:
- Channel 1 - FOH - gain less open, eq hardly containing frequencies against feedback, moderated comp and gate;
- Channel 31 - Streaming (mirroring channel 1 input) - gain more open, eq improving frequencies to sound better, comp raising signal, gate more aggressive.

But, in reality, we are having this: when we patch channel 1 to channel 31, every time we set the gain, it affects both channels, no matter if we set it on channel 1, or channel 31. The same happens with the other controls of the fat channel.

How can we mirror channels keeping both independent? Only using an Y cable?

We had this idea based upon an Yamaha LS9, which used channels 1 to 32 as FOH channels, while 33 to 64 were used as Aux Mixes channels, being all controlled independently.

Another question, but related to the prior:

We are seriously considering to buy a 64S console to control FOH, in order to have 8 effects, and we are thinking that we will be able to mirror channels 1 to 32 to channels 33 to 64, so we could use our old 32 console to control streaming audio completely independent from FOH, like the example above. Obviously we know that the FOH opperator can't let any feedback happen, because it will affect the streaming. But we hope we can have independent controls over the channels. Is it possible, or will we have to buy another 32R and use Y cables?

Thanks in advance, and sorry for any English errors. I'm still not fully fluent in English!

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