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Presonus ioStation 24C compatible with M1 MacBook Air?

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asked Mar 23, 2021 in ioStation24c by mauriceshore (120 points)


I am interested in purchasing Presonus ioStation 24C: USB-C Interface/Production Controller.

Is compatible with the new M1 MacBook Air?  If not now -  do you have an estimate of when it will be?

I had trouble finding that info on your site


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answered Mar 28, 2021 by vicstander (140 points)
Hi. I have a MacBook Air M1 and just purchased the ioStation 24C yesterday. It does work for the most part, but from time to time it seems to stop responding to my input on the unit (although it does then still register and adjust to changes made in the DAW). When I switch it on and off, it seems to fix it.

I'm still a new Studio One user, so I may not have it configured correctly. Also note that with limited ports on the M1 the ioSation is plugged into a dongle via USB-A (my other USB-C port is for my external drive), so that may be a contributing factor as well.
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answered Mar 31, 2022 by fchrisklipp (140 points)
As from March 31 2022, my Studiolive 16.0.2 usb is NOT working with a Mac M1 16" 2022 (no touch bar) and a Mac M1 13" (with touchbar).