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MSB,LSB MIDI Change issues With S1/5 Song Mode

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asked Mar 23, 2021 in Studio One 5 by brandonjohnson55 (160 points)
I’ve searched for days and not found.

Selecting bank and program changes works fine in Performance mode, but does not work in Song mode.

I’ve done all that I have found online and in instructions to do, but when using the EXACT SAME settings that work in Performance mode, I can only get the program change to work.

I have at least four rack synths and one keyboard I need to be able to use in Song mode.

Ready to follow advice and instruction and give feedback.

Thank you

1 Answer

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answered Mar 23, 2021 by brandonjohnson55 (160 points)

For some odd reason, all but my Yamaha Motif ES are responding accordingly. And now, after shutdown and startup, plus a couple “on/off” switches and “up/down” CC Mode the Motif ES is responding.

Apologies for the post without further exploration.