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Impact XT future improvements requests.

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asked Apr 25, 2021 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by izpztddn (1,380 points)

I am not the first one who is asking for improvements of the Impact XT. But I would like to complement the other users' feature requests with my own ones, based on my workflow and experience.

  • First off, it would be awesome to have more than 16 stereo outs! (At least 32, like in Groove Agent, 64 would be perfect, like in Drum Rack). 
  • Ability to move pads around by freely dragging and dropping them, without modifier keys, which is pain. 
  • Ability to move/swap pads from one bank to other. Currently, it's only possible to swap them within one bank.
  • Ability to slice samples direcltly from within Impact XT and to control the process from Atom/Atom SQ. Actually, the way Maschine or Ableton Push do it.
  • Enable formant change (like in Ableton or Little AlterBoy) - it's great if you work with vocal slices. Currently we can only adjust pitch, but there is no way to control formants.
  • Enable truncate samples/slices from Atom/Atom SQ - I mean, set start and end points. Currently, you can do this only with a computer mouse by dragging the left and right locator, but this command is not assignable to Atom SQ.
  • Fade In and Fade Out samples (The graphical way). We now have the attack and release controls, but it would be convenient to see and control fade in/out graphically, just the way you do it with audio clips in the arrangement.
  • Ability to play the same samples at multiple pitches (like in Sample One, FL Studio, Maschine). It's great that Sample One can do it, but I often need this feature to be "all in one", without the need for an additional plugin.
  • Ability to adjust gain (volume) for individual samples in one cell (when you have more than one sample in a cell). Currently, the Gain knob applies to all containing samples at once.
  • I have no idea, how technically hard or easy it is, but it would be great to combine round robin with velocity layers modes. Currently you can have one of these options at a time.
  • Ability to save your created kits (with mixer preset included) to a specified location. Yes, the Impact XT has a feature "sampler file", which collects all your kit samples into one place, but you cannot extract the containing samples from it for being used in other kits - the soundx. files are not editable.
These are the most desired features for me in future updates for Impact XT (maybe Impact XT 2.0? ), based on my experience and workflow. I love Impact XT for many features, for example, round robin, loop mode, integration with Atom SQ and more. But I strongly feel, that the time has come for it to be updated. I have tried many DAWs, and some of them have fantastic features that Studio One currently doesn's have. But, even so, I find Studio One as most convenient for me in other ways, it's workflow is practically seamless and easier in many ways than others, so I will stick to it, hoping that the missing great features which can be found in other DAWs, will appear here, too.

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answered Jul 16, 2021 by benjaminshtulman (290 points)
I totally agree with you! We need more stereo outs (64 might be cool). One of the features I'd like to see in Impact XT is an opportunity to move its channels in mixer. Nowadays they can't be moved. But I need an opportunity to change the channels positions relative to each other to get another channels order for example.

Moreover, saving Instrument+preset should save the FX channels and BUS channels too (including the sends, plugins on BUS and FX channels, etc).