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Midi notes suddenly turned staccato

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asked May 11, 2021 in Studio One 5 by jameschrunik (130 points)
I was recently in the middle of recording a song when out of nowhere all the notes I played suddenly turned staccato.

 I have tried removing all midi controllers and adding them again, no double notes are being played, have tried my akai mpk mini and my yamaha DGX-620, tried selecting default keyboard/controller option, tried using all inputs, tried restoring all actions, etc.

It seems like the more stuff I did just made everything worse because now I go back to previous songs and they all switched to staccato notes.

This might be a simple fix because I am still a new at this but I cannot figure this out.

 any help will be much appreciated, thanks

1 Answer

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answered May 12, 2021 by stanthompson2 (5,910 points)
If you were are using a VST instrument plugin, you may have pressed a key switch (now called sound variations in Studio One) during recording. Those keys are usually mapped across the lower pitches of your keyboard indicated in red. For example; in Presence XT strings - violin - violin full preset, they are in the C1 octave