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On-Board Fender Amp Sims on Current and/or Future Mixing Consoles

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asked Nov 4, 2021 in StudioLive Series III by christopherreyes (1,780 points)
The Fender acquisition is here, might as well combine the mixing hardware knowledge of presonus with proprietary classic fender amp tones. Slap a decent amp GUI and develop a decent software emulation model of them classic amps and make it an option on some mixing channels in presonus mixing consoles. It doesn't even have to be on every channel, and you'd be the first company to ever do something like this, sounds like free market-share to me.

Trust me the purists will still flock to the real thing, but in a pinch for churches and events that demand less time/money this would be a game changer. Heck throw it in StudioOne while your at it and have the mixer and computer relay settings information to each other like the fat channel does.

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