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QWERTY keyboard not working with Impact, but works with Mai Tai and Mojito

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asked Dec 9, 2021 in Studio One 3 by jasonpybus (110 points)

I'm trying to get Studio One setup so I can use my QWERTY keyboard to record some basic drum tracks using Impact. I can add an IMPACT track and hear the drums when I click on the drum pads on my screen.  I've now added the QWERTY keyboard as an external device, and I'm selecting the QWERTY keyboard as the input on the drum pad screen. When I kit the Caps Lock I can see the QWERTY keyboard screen appear.  However, when I click on the QWERTY buttons on that screen, I don't hear any drums.  When I click on the buttons on my keyboard I also don't hear any drums.

As a test, I tried this same approach with Mai Tai and Mojito, and strangely my keyboard works with both of them.  This issus seems to only relate to Impact.

Any ideas?



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