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Colorize MIDI Notes according to the chord track or scale

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asked Dec 19, 2021 in MIDI Editing by moncefmeriah (930 points)
edited Jan 10 by moncefmeriah

Actually there are only 3 options under the Color note in the Midi Editor (Part, Pitch and Velocity).

It would be great if we can colorize the notes according to the chord track (like cubase).

==> The note events get different colors depending on whether they match the current chord in the chord track.

==> Color note according to the Chords in the chord track or to the scale.

==> So 4 options would be great ==> Part, Pitch, Velocity, Scale and Chords


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answered Apr 6 by troyswartz (180 points)
It is surprising to me this doesn't exist.  Even Traktion Waveform (pro version with chord track) has this capability.  I saw another request regarding Midi note color regarding the sound variation type.  They could roll both of these into a small release.