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Linked preamps in stagebox mode

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asked Mar 20, 2022 in StudioLive Series III by wietsesterckx (3,510 points)

Yesterday I used a combination of a Studiolive 24 with a Studiolive 32R as stagebox. Normally I use the 32R in standalone mode as a monitor mixer, so it has it's own mixer presets, eq's, compression settings,... and als 5 stereo linked channels. I haven't reset these settings, because I still need them in the future, and I thought these setting were completely ignored when I would put the 32R in stagebox modus.

At the Studiolive 24 I selected the 32R in the 'Remote I/O setup' and I switched it to stagebox modus.

All my in and outs from the 32R where controllable with my Studiolive 24. Also the outputs were mirrored perfectly to the 32R.

But I noticed 1 problem: It looked like all my were unlinked at the mixing console. I could also make new links, new EQ en compressor setttings, but I noticed that all my channels who where linked at the 32R (in standalone modus) kept linked with their preamp setting. The link button was not activated at the Studiolive 24, but the preamp settings were still linked. All the other settings and faders were unlinked.

I could solve the problem by first resetting the 32R in standalone modus, and link him again in stagebox modus, but I thought all the internal mixer settings from the 32R were ignored when the 32R was used as stagebox.

Can anybody say what I did wrong? Is this a setting? A bug? Or is it necessary to reset all the mixer settings of the 32R before you put him in stagebox modus?

Hope you understand the problem :-).

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answered May 20 by dee-signer (510 points)
I had the same problem twice. Using SL 32SC and SL 24R. I’d really like to have an answer to thi question !