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Using StudioLive 16 as monitor mixer over AVB with different brand FOH board

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asked Aug 10, 2022 in StudioLive Series III by mathewdale (320 points)
Hey tech wizards,

I'm putting together an In-ear rack centered around the StudioLive 16 console mixer and am debating getting a splitter snake (or something similar) or If I can just connect up to a theater's AVB network (provided I can confirm all the theaters our band will be in this fall is AVB capable). Is this possible even if the FOH board is not Presonus, or should I go with the copper to avoid any digital hassle? Thanks!

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answered Aug 17, 2022 by mackjohnson1 (77,570 points)
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You would need a PreSonus board, AVB is not universal as yet and may manufacturers have their own version of the AVB protocol.
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answered Feb 3, 2023 by coltonhagler (140 points)
I have a similar question because this is what I'm trying to accomplish as well so I thought I would just tack on here. My approach is, since there are two ports on the stagebox (NSB 16.8), one ethernet cable goes to the monitor mixer (Studiolive 32SC), how can I convert the AVB signal from the second port to XLR to be able to plug into the FOH snake?