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16.4.2 BRICKED by installing "factory test mode"

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asked Aug 20, 2022 in Classic Mixers by piotrkulaga (240 points)

When I discovered that my SL 16.4.2 only had 4 outputs working, Sub 1,2 Aux 5,6, all others were dead or like CR and headphone crackling (not sure of the circumstances when this started because I used S/PDIF output for the monitor and headphone amp, so the problem remained hidden) I found a number of KB articles suggesting that a Firmware Restore may fix this type of glitch. Page "FireStudio Interfaces Force firmware update with Universal Control 1.7.x" advises to hold "CTRL+ALT and then click on Check Firmware", which will "force the update to run." despite device firmware being up to date. I've attached a capture of a dialogue box offering installation of a 'factory test mode', which is what happens holding the Alt key (Ctrl seems irrelevant) while clicking on 'Check Firmware' in both 1.7.6 and 1.7.2 UC. Clicking YES appeared to make sense to diagnose the fault and cancelling aborts without restoring, unlike what is claimed by KB instructions.

At the end of the flashing process all buttons on the control panel were fully illuminated and can be dimmed by pressing, faders, knobs and continuous encoders change various level meters and the monitor section encoder switches through segments of the channel LED display. The LCD only shows one seemingly fixed digit 0.

Given that StudioLive 16.4.2. is EOS, the support people don't seem to be able to advise me if and what is the way out of the dreaded 'factory test mode', or indeed confirm that such a function exists, which amounts to the old trusty unit being effectively BRICKED!!!

Is there any other way to 'reset' the device out of this "factory test mode"? Upgrading regular firmware 1.50a, build 190 with UC 1.7.6 and 1.7.2 completes successfully but nothing changes. This is now possible without the (seemingly phony) workaround to "force update to run" holding the 'Alt' key, in effect, UC detects another version despite repeated flashing ending in completed OK. Similarly, Factory Rest runs as expected, but doesn't change anything.

Install "factory test mode" dialogue box, not the force firmware upgrade function expected.

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answered Aug 25, 2022 by piotrkulaga (240 points)
edited Aug 25, 2022 by piotrkulaga
Has anyone ever seen this dialogue box, let alone been stupid enough to "Proceed?" and of course, managed to exit the "factory test mode" after installation on StudioLive? I suspect those who installed it and BRICKED their devices no longer read the forum.
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answered Aug 25, 2022 by piotrkulaga (240 points)

It seems that I'm not the only one experiencing dead-ends and having a hard time finding answers. See PreSonus Forums | firmware update bricked my 24c | Studio Series USB Interfaces Sadly, with old gear advice from Trucky

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Please submit a support ticket (see link in my signature below) for this. Thanks!

goes nowhere in circles, the product is 'End Of Service' and this is how it is, it is broken, no repairs or replacement parts, not even instructions on expected behaviours once "factory test mode" is installed (it is built into Universal Control), let alone what to do to exit the terminal state of e-waste.

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answered Aug 27, 2022 by piotrkulaga (240 points)
A rather sad update. Now I really need a replacement DSP Board. Anyone with a spare StudioLive 16.4.2 DSP Board?

Attempting to test the Atmel microprocessor's reset signal on pin 39 NRST I mistakenly applied a continuity meter (a logical high) to pin 55 ERASE (same position 7th pin but on another side) and pressing the reset button the 'Running' LED went off and isn't coming back on. In other words, I'm pretty sure I erased the bootloader for the CPU/SOC, which isn't something an outsider like me can get their hands on to flash into the chip. The Atmel datasheet recommends tying the pin to ground on production devices to prevent such accidents, but obviously it is not. So now the board really is bricked, it connects to the Universal Control, but Factory Reset and Check Firmware stop after the initial stage "Reading table of contents" going into "Resetting the panel" (normally at the end) and return a dialogue box 'firmware upgrade encountered an error, unplug, blah blah blah '.
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answered Feb 25 by Dervo (140 points)
Maybe both of our solutions are the same. How (without Universal Controller) can the 16.4.2 be FACTORY RESET ?

I've lost FireWire, what keys to press for FACTORY RESET 16.4.2 ?