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Ideas for Show Page..

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asked Sep 13 in Show Page by jimmykennedy1 (570 points)
Hi, I’m interested in the Studio One 5 Show Page for playing Backing Tracks.

These are just some ideas I hope it helps you guys on your journey.

A Midi Track for Controlling Lighting, Guitar Pedal Boards, Keyboards etc.

I read in the comments some people asking for Tempo Changes etc.

More than one Backing Track at a time as I have a Stereo Pair for Stereo Drums, a Mono Track for Mono Drums (as some of my tracks have mono drums instead), a Mono Track for Bass, a Mono Track for the Click, a Stereo Pair for other instruments.

In total I use 7 Outputs but 8 Outputs would be great for the headroom.

Interface housed in a rugged Stage Box with a lid and rubber feet.

Chassis mounted professional connectors on top.

8 Outputs on XLR’s Combo Connectors (you could also parallel wire a DB 25 connector).

Midi in and 2 Midi’s out,

2 x Usb (USB-C) loop in and out for the Computer or iPad

3 x Usb’s outs of different types.

Control Outputs??.

A 240/110 volts input via a Powercon Connecter and could also be used to charge the Laptop, iPad etc. via the Usb. (PSU units don’t belong on stage unless they are housed in a rack or pedal board)

SPDIF/AES in/out ??.

2 x DMX (3 pin and 5 pin).

I don’t need Audio Inputs but some people might, maybe an Expansion Card.

Edit in Studio One and export the Song Files to an iPad (as the iPad Pros have a lot more memory and an USB-C connector ).

Show Page App with remotes for the other members and use a Laptop for Back-up.

Lyrics, as a lot of Musicians sing up 200 songs and use have different Set Lists

Lyrics scrolling along with the Backing Tracks and pop up full screen on the iPad when needed even as a crutch.

It also saves having another platform for just the Lyrics.

I know that a lot of people would be interested in Show Page as of yet the other platforms don’t do what’s required.

Kind regards, Jimmy.

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answered Sep 13 by jimmykennedy1 (570 points)
Hi folks, this was my first post as I'm new, I guess I should have added the Tags before I posted, cheers..