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1810c Low Recording Level

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asked Sep 21, 2022 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by garrettpizzacalla (120 points)
I am using the Presonus 1810C audio interface and I have a slight problem and I am not sure if this is a result of me doing something wrong.

To keep it simple I have 1 condenser (AT2020) (Phantom Power On) and 1 dynamic microphone (SM57) plugged into front connection 3 and 4 respectively. These are labelled as Mic/Line inputs.

When I go to record something barely any lights come up on the front of the unit even though I have the gain knobs 50% of the way if not more. On playback in Studio One 5 it shows my levels around -35 to -25 or so. I can hear it fine through my headset but the waveform is practically non existent on the track. (When you normalize audio the waveform looks nice but theres way too much noise)

I heard recording acoustic guitars you want to be around -24 to -12 range after the recording and any fx you can add on top to bring it up to -12 to -6.

I don't really know what I did wrong. Do I need a mic booster before it goes into the 1810c? Why do I have to turn the gain up so much before it actually starts picking stuff up? I thought it had built in preamps so that kind of thing wouldnt be necessary. Any insight to this would be greatly appreciated.

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answered Jul 4, 2023 by mimochodek (140 points)
I have the same problem. You found a solution?
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answered Dec 11, 2023 by AndyKimbel (300 points)
Same issue.  I have a direct in and also two condenser mics recording an acoustic guitar.   The wave form on one or two of the condensers is barely visible. I manually boost the wave tracks and or top out the faders in Studio One afterward.  I end up inserting the mixtool plugin and increasing the gain there.  Kinda crazy.  Have no idea why this is.