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Feature Request: Add speaker toggle/selection functionality for multiple outputs interfaces (1824c)

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asked Nov 24 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by musicsamurai (600 points)
recategorized Nov 27 by musicsamurai

Anyone knows if it's possible to connect additional speakers to the 1824c card and to be able to switch between them in a click of a button?
Owning PreSonus 1824c, the Unversal Control/StudioOne 6 cannot be configured in such a way, at least from my experiments:

In order to switch speakers I need to manually mute the main output and redirect the output to alternate output.

It would a nice feature to add to Studio 1824c / StudioOne, a simple way to switch/toggle the speakers, while mute the other outputs.

I'll be happy to hear your workaround switching speakers (macro/script/etc...)

Thanks alot!

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