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How to use Studio One Instruments in Notion

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asked Nov 26, 2022 in Notion by tothrec (31,740 points)
When I send current song data from Studio One 6 to Notion 6 I get an error message that the instrument sounds are not available.

Both programs are on the same computer and configured for network discovery.

My assumption is that if I have a Song with an instrument track using a built-in Studio One instrument that Notion will be able to load it.

Any ideas on what to try?

1 Answer

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answered Nov 5 by harrymingels (860 points)
Hi, it just doesn't work to have instruments that you used in Studio One sound in Notion. Notion has its own instrument bank, and you can buy them as an extra in addition to the standard instruments that you get when you buy Notion. your account. For example, certain instruments will not be audible in Notion if you have not purchased them. Conversely, music created in Notion and sent to Studio One will not be audible here! You will still need to assign instruments that were included in Studio One during purchase!
Hopefully it's now clear that each program has its own instrument library!
Is this a matter of money?
Greetings HarryM.