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Sample Start & Endpoint Automation in both Sample One XT & Impact XT

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asked Mar 31, 2023 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by Dj Momo (380 points)
After the release of S1 6 my hopes of this very simple to implement feature have again been crashed.

After all it is possible since S1 5 to automate sample start & endpoint in both Sample One XT & Impact XT using the Presonus Atom or SQ. So i had hopes that maybe the coders will bring it with the release of S1 6.

Yet, sadly in S1 alone it is still not possible. Sample start & endpoint are a vital part of any Sample based VSTi and being able to automate those opens up a variety of sound design possibillities. I can automate almost any other knob, fader or slider in Sample One or Impact XT, yet the sample start and endpoint not? That is rather dissapointing.

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