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Can you please add a True LOW PASS FILTER / HI CUT OPTION TO THE EQ BANDS on the series 3 console

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asked May 15 in StudioLive Series III by stevenmoors (130 points)
I am not looking for a run around or an alternative.

This option is a need for many occasions and is on many other consoles. It has a benefit for touring engineers when a location has a poorly set crossover settings for their rig and they are locked out of tampering with. Its even on Studio One 5 eq. Its even on the X32. this is not about a simple 2 way system, this is needed for 3 way crossover rigs and more.

Not every one is gonna claim to need it cause their small pa has its own internal crossovers.

Adding a LOW Pass Filter / Hi Cut has many benefits between external use and even in the mixes among instruments and mics.

A Hi shelf does not quite cut it if in the case that a external crossover goes bad higher up fq’s still are able to pass through after the hi shelf passes the fqs. Its even worse if there is any external compressor that just flattens the whole signal out again.

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answered May 20 by adawson (1,470 points)
On the studio live series 3, a high pass filter is available on every input channel, and all of the flex mixes.  A high and low pass filter is available on the center bus, and a high pass filter is available on the LR busses.  If you are using an aux (which has no low pass filter on the bus) for a sub out you could consider using the center out instead, with a low pass filter, as independent channels can be routed or not to the sub out. The center out also has independent output of the main LR busses. Since the center/sub out has a low pass filter you would be good to go with no crossover or drive rack in any 2 way or full range line array/sub situation.  If you are using the center out for center fills or something else, use a matrix mix for that instead.  It is far better for that purpose.

If you need help figuring out how to do this just search for high and low pass filter in the downloadable manual with a PDF reader like foxit that has a search feature.  Hope this resolves your frustration, but what you ask for is already there.  Make sure your console firmware is up to date as well.
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answered May 27 by Dorday (4,470 points)
If I understand you correctly, you are requesting that a low pass filter be added to the Channel Overview just as the high pass filter. Is that correct?

if so, I agree.
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answered Jul 21 by dynamicben (160 points)
Exactly the same question I asked myself.

Why would a $5000 Mixing board like my Studiolive 64s not have a Hi Cut / Low Pass filter on an input EQ? not even on a subgroup or a metrix. But on the Main L/R and Mono/Center Busses only.

So I just cannot Hi cut a Lead guitar because of what?
Thus a no no no no... Unless Presonus is saying there is no way to add it to thier touchscreen user interface.

If I should stop using presonus products... this tiny detail that can be fixed in a firmware update is the reason why...