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Please add "Bar Offset" as a global option

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asked Sep 5 in Studio One+ Feature Requests by GTRtice (2,060 points)
Templates are a workaround, yes, or one can just change it on every song manually, but it'd be so nice for my preferred bar offset to just be there every time through a global option.

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answered Sep 5 by davidspencerbarker (430 points)
Yes as a hobbyist,who enjoys creating ambient and cinematic styles of music. I would very much like to see this as a global  feature,option.While its not too much hassle having to set it as per template
Setting it globally would be a real time saver so much easier to count the number of bars.You can see   where your at in the song,straight away.
I have been using Studio One for just over 3 years on and off due to work commits.But saw a video where Gregor was showing this on one of my mixdown reviews,really nice idea