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No inputs from channels 1-12 on Studiolive 16.0.2

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asked May 17, 2016 in Classic Mixers by Bassplayer01 (200 points)
I have a Studiolive 16.0.2. Yesterday, I started getting no input from channels 1-12. Channels 13-16 seem OK. 1-12 shows no input metering regardless of trim settings. Checked muting and tried several mics and cables. Tried factory reset through Universal Control. No change.  Had worked perfectly before yesterday.  Any thoughts?

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answered May 17, 2016 by Tritonusmetal (140 points)
I have the same problem, i have sent to technical support, as do you know the year of manufacture? I have read other similar cases
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answered May 17, 2016 by Bassplayer01 (200 points)
The sticker on the bottom says "A 021110"

I am now having trouble connecting to the mixer from my Win10PC using Universal Control.  That also was working earlier, and my Cakewalk SONAR can't find the device.


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answered Dec 20, 2016 by markholzworth (150 points)
Same problem here...
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answered Jan 7, 2017 by Johan Lahti (160 points)
I've the same problem. Tuesday it worked fine, yesterday 1-12 doesn't work.

13/14 and 15/16 works.

Have you found out any solution?
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answered Jan 7, 2017 by wahlerstudios (32,100 points)

Obviously your mixer needs a repair. There is nothing you as user can do (factory reset or the like), so open a ticket in your PreSonus account and ask for help. If you are living outside USA check the list of international distributors ( and contact your distributor directly.

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answered Apr 5, 2017 by jacekkurzawa (140 points)
I have the same problem. It may be caused connecting MacBookPro. I can't repair this by many restarts.

My job was death, trouble situation il life work. Digital mixers are fake, I know it now. Only analog mixers. Digital mixer and live job can be risk.....  I've losted trust for StudioLive.
I want belive that bug will be resolved by Presonus in future.
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answered Oct 6, 2017 by manossimitsis (180 points)

I've the same problem. Tuesday it worked fine, yesterday 1-12 doesn't work.

13/14 and 15/16 works.

Have you found out any solution?

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answered Oct 6, 2017 by manossimitsis (180 points)
i have the  same problem...1-12 input doesn;t work only 13/14 and 15/16 pleace help
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answered Mar 14, 2018 by Riker (380 points)
Exact same issue started 2 weeks ago. Original post was May 2016, now we are March 2018 but no "official" response from Presonus support on this problem?

I live in Canada, the "rep" is Jam industries in Quebec, they told me to contact a local shop for repair as they did not want me to ship it to them. Contacted local shop, they are "authorized" but not for repairs of items outside of warranty. So, it appears that I cannot get it repaired even if I wanted to. Now shopping for a new interface. Presonus is still on my list, but it's way down on the list, below RME, Antelope, Focusrite etc.

It's too bad, my 16.0.2 worked flawlessly for 7 years, and everything else on the mixer seems to work, just no inputs.
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answered May 21, 2018 by DJ Avadhuta (630 points)
Same issue on SL 16.0.2 (classic). Helps to switch power off and wait for 30 minutes. But sometimes happens again and again.
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answered Aug 16, 2018 by grahamgalloway (580 points)
This is a common problem seem the 5 volt regulator has gone bad and caused no input or output on channels 1-12.

 I contacted the local distributor / repairer ( I'm in Australia ) and they didn't want to fix it shipping cost alone would have been high as they are 1000Km away.  After some discussion with their techo, I have been in the computer industry for years. He sent me 2x transistors for the  + 5 volt regulator circuit. I have not opened the unit up but will do on the weekend CAN  ANYONE TELL ME THE BOARD / COMPONENT LOCATION FOR THE +5 Volt REG. I will pass on the details of the transistor for those interested. I got my 16.0.2 from a friend who had hardy used it, I only got 6 or 7 months use before it started playing up. Good unit when it works and if this resolves the issue as the repair said it would it is a very cheap repair less that 1$
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answered Aug 19, 2018 by craigbenton1 (140 points)
I have a 16.0.2 with faulty Channels 1 and 2.
I contacted  Presonus about this. They did not give any possible causes or answers,  just told me to contact the distributor in UK.  A robot could have done that!
I contacted the distributor but got no reply.
The products should be made such that any competent engineer is able to replace a module without having to ship the whole thing across country.
I will no longer be  buying or recommending Presonus to anyone.
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answered Aug 25, 2018 by grahamgalloway (580 points)

I have just replaced the 5Volt regulators and fixed the no input on channels 1-12 problem on my 16.0.2.

This is how to do it you will need 2x 5volt regulators the originals have the following markings

45   500

F2   2N    

I don’t know how these relate to the ratings of the regulators (MAY BE SOME ONE CAN ADD THAT) I had original replacements, but my local electronics shop had the same type, get the highest 5 volt rating to be safe. You need good to excellent skills for removing components and soldering, it’s very easy to damage the PCB tracks and ruin the main board that has the main CPU on it and this will destroy your 16.0.2. IF YOU DON’T HAVE THE SKILLS DON’T attempt this repair.

  1. Removed the 2 small screws on the underside of plastic side panels and push them to the rear, so they them come off.
  2. Remove 15 counter sunk Philips head screws per side and remove side panels
  3. Remove all 12 gain knobs , Remove the 4x 5/65 hex screws near the gain knobs
  4. Remove 5x countersunk Philips head screws on the underside at the front where the silver panel meets the grey panel
  5. Remove 5x mushroom Philips head screws at the rear top of mixer
  6. On the right side from front disconnect power to BNC light connector at rear, disconnect white power plug to top op panel PCB and ribbon cable.
  7. Carefully lift off top of 16.0.2
  8. The regulators are on the PCB with large CPU chip on it PN 410-SL16M-DSP , behind the power supply PCB. They are on the left hand side next to the white plug with 5x black cables and 1x red. Marking 45   500 F2   2N. 
  9. Take note of all plugs, take a photo or mark them. They have locking tabs on the side so don’t pull to hard. Remove all plugs and unscew PCB there are about 6 -8 screws.
  10. Heat tab and legs on regulator and CAREFULLY remove with a fine pointed hobby knife
  11. CARFULLY replace / solder in new regulators, check for track damage, you will need a magnifying glass or something similar.
  12. Reverse process to assemble, power on a test before you put side panels on, in case you have a fault or missed plug. GOOD LUCK      
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answered Feb 6 by yaha (200 points) 1 flag
I solved this problem. I did everything as written in this article. now everything works fine.