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16R and 32R as Interface for MAC

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asked Jun 2 in StudioLive Series III by RudolfMönnich (110 points)
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Hi, I want to have one studiolive 32R AND one 16R as interface for Mac. In Logic, all channels appear, in universal control all signals going in, but they are not going back in Logic. But if I use one of the both it works!

What is the problem?


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answered Jun 17 by jimleavitt (140 points)

I just received my 32R and set it up. I was replacing an older RM32AI. When I tested my setup I found that while I could record to my DAW, there was no output on playback. Had to be something simple, right? I worked for two days trying to figure this out. I tried everything I could think of, and finally and a last resort tried 'USB Compatibility Mode' in Universal Control. I got sound!

I then turned off USB Compatibility Mode and rebooted the 32R and my Mac. It still worked after powering off and on. I checked the Digital Patching->USB sends screens in Universal Control. Main L and Main R had two entries instead of one, both channels 33 and 34 (compatibility mode set 33 and 34) AND channels 39 and 40 (default - non-compatibility mode setting) were assigned to Main L and Main R. Further testing showed that all the output coming from the DAW as on channels 33 and 34, nothing from channels 39 and 40.

I haven't found a way to use "Interface Mode" as the Digital Patching->USB Sends screen is grayed out in Interface Mode. Has anyone discovered a way to get sound from the DAW in interface mode with USB compatibility mode OFF?