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No sound coming from right speaker on all stereo devices.

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asked Jul 8 in Studio One 5 by theoromaniuk (160 points)
I recently switched from using studio one 5 on a Windows computer to using a MacBook Pro Sonoma. At first everything was working fine, sound would come out of both sides of whatever device I had connected (air pods, Mac speakers, dual speakers...). One time I connected my AirPods through the audio setup window as usual and I selected the air pods as the playback device, however once connected sound would only come out of the left AirPod. This has now become an issue with not just my air pods but also my Mac speakers and any dual speakers I connect to.

It is interesting because when I look at the output channels (left and right) they both show that they are being used. On top of this, while I have the device connected and I close out of or leave studio one and play audio from another app it comes out of both ears as normal. I have even tried playing music in another app at the same time as playing my studio one session and the music from the other app comes out of both ears and studio one only comes out of one at the same time. Along with this I have tried connecting a friends AirPods to see if this issue would occur if a new device had been connected and the issue persisted.

I have tried to fix this problem by disconnecting and factory reseting the devices, deleting and redownloading studio one, and restarting my laptop.

I have also tried contacting the PreSonus technical support line but left on hold.

If you know any way to fix this or have encountered a similar problem please let me know. Thanks.

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