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How do I play my Korg Kronos internal sounds into Studio One Pro via USB rather than Line Out?

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asked Mar 24 in Studio One 3 by ginoguarnere (520 points) 1 flag
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howdy, first off, I found this thread, and it sounds like a similar problem, I'm looking for a workaround but if not, I can always go's the thread I found, then my question:

I have a Korg Kronos.  I have set it up as a MIDI device and can play software instruments using the Kronos via the USB cable plugged directly into my Imac and it records into Studio One just fine.

What I was able to do on Logic Pro, however, is use the internal sounds on my Kronos as audio rather than MIDI, simply by using the USB cable.  (In Logic, you would simply make the Kronos your input, and your Apogee Duet the Output).  It seems in Studio One I can only choose the Kronos as the input, but when I do, I can't hear anything, although I can see that the Kronos is sending a signal to the channel, but I can't monitor it (via headphones or powered monitors)...Likewise, I can set Studio One to use the Duet as the input/output, but then no signal is being sent to Studio One, so I'm kinda halfway there...

I have an Apogee Duet and of course I can simply come out of the Kronos outputs into the inputs on the Apogee and that works fine. When I do that, however, I seem to get some hum or other noise that I haven't been able to eradicate and it's showing up on my tracks. (no direct box in the middle at this point)

Is there a way to use the internal sounds on the Kronos and record into Studio One via the USB cable?  If so, how?

Do I need to put the Direct Box between the Kronos and the Duet?  The goal in either case is to remove any hum or any other type of digital artifacts while playing the native sounds on the Kronos and not always having to resort to software instruments, as the Kronos piano is better than most of the software pianos I currently own.

Hope that makes sense...thank you in advance!

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answered Mar 25 by gadget69 (28,620 points)
Ok, nobody else said anything... I'm not probably the best source here but nobody else stepped up yet. Unless Korg provides a sound file of the sounds you want you'll have to play it using the keyboard main outs. They are most likely single ended 1/4" outs... so I would try 1/4"X1/4" ,shielded not speaker type, to the line input of the interface.

The hum might be the power supply...

Sometimes a powered hub for USB issues helps...

start a tech service ticket right away and get in line, they can help if we can't!