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How do I get my saved Meldodyne adjustments backs after copying a song?

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asked Apr 17, 2017 in Studio One 3 by blacklikerain (150 points)
Studio One would not load my song and got stuck loading forever(all night, no change) with Melodyne stuck at 50%.  After I did the "fix" for the problem--turned off ARA then copied the song, then turned ARA back on--I now have none of my Melodyne settings on any of my instruments.  That was a month of work, and now it's gone.  I don't even know what my harmonies were.  Is there a way I can get my saved Melodyne settings for each track back? HELP!

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answered May 17, 2017 by brianmeisner1 (151,000 points)
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If you have disabled ARA, exported your song to stems, and rebuilt your song in a new file, you will not have the Melodyne data in the new song.  One thing that you may be able to do is to open the original .song file and disable ARA.  You can then remove Melodyne from a few of your tracks until you can get the song open with ARA enabled.  Once you get the song open with ARA enabled, you can edit your tracks with Melodyne and then bounce them to get rid of the instance of Melodyne.  You can then go back and edit the tracks that you removed Melodyne from once more using Melodyne.  Each time that you edit with Melodyne, you will want to bounce as to remove the instance of Melodyne.  If you have too many instances of Melodyne in a song, the song will no longer open.  The amount of instances of Melodyne that you can load will be dependent upon your system resources.  You may want to contact Celemony to get a close number of how many instances you can load at a time.