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Can the AR series mixers be cascaded?

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asked Aug 13 in AR Hybrid USB Mixers by pastorjamesc (150 points)
Can the AR USB series mixers be cascaded or used simultaneously. I'm looking for a mixer that I can do live recording/mixing on the occasion. (I have the RM31ai, Studio One 3.2 etc. in the studio) So the AR looks to be a perfect addition to my arsenal. However, I'm concerned that the AR16 USB may be not quite big enough, too bad there isn't a 24. So my thought was a 16 and a 8 would be great.



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answered Oct 6 by jonnydoyle (3,930 points)
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The AR range can not be cascaded in the same manor as the StudioLive AI range can be.

There is a 22c version of the AR desk.