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Can i use wireless control with a networked CS18 and SL32RML?

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asked Oct 13 in Ai Mixers by jedilunchbox281 (140 points)
I have a SL32RML and a CS18. I normally mix from FOH with my ipad (forgoing the CS18). I have a few gigs lined up where i will need to use both. I will need to use the CS18 side stage to control monitors and the ipad FOH for the main mix. My current setup is:

SL32RML--> firewire'd to my Macbook Air (for SMAART and Capture)

SL32RML--->ethernet link to my Wi-fi router---> ipad on the W-fi router.

If i add in the CS18, do i need an ethernet switcher box with PoE, like the new SW5E? and if i add the switcher box with PoE what does that PoE provide power for? can i forgo plugging the 32RM into and actual power source?

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answered Nov 8 by mr16track (480 points)

First, POE will not power your mixer.  Adding an AVB switch will allow you to use the inputs on the CS18AI and still have a wired connection for your wireless router, and recording via AVB.

You have three choices that I know of:
1: You can hook the CS18AI to your router via an Ethernet cable, or:
2: Set up your RM32AI and CS18AI wirelessly with the wireless dongles, or:
3: Set up your RM32AI wirelessly and run an Ethernet cable from the CS18AI.  This option will still allow you to use the inputs on the CS18AI for say; talk back, stereo break music playback, and a wireless mic...

Here are some PreSonus video links:

And this setup guide:

Hope that helps!