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Wishing for a WiFi enabled 24 channel fader controller that only has faders and mutes.

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asked Nov 9 in General Feature / Product Requests by Engineer CJSR (120 points)

I'm hunting for a product that dose not seem to exist. The closest I've found is your new FaderPortâ„¢ 16: 16-channel Mix Production Controller. But it is not quite what I require.  
What I need is a 24 channel, remote, wireless fader pack that can sit on my lap or on a small table. It must connect to a full mixer via WIFI, just like an iPad. I need 24 actual faders with nothing but a mute button, a select button and a writing strip. And a single master fader with a mute button. And it must interface with other consoles via WIFI as well as PreSonus. 
I've been forced lately to mix in lounges on an iPad. This works fine for setting eqs and compressors and effects etc., but is terrible for fader moves during the show. 
Would this be something that PreSonus be interesting to pursue? 
I LOVE mixing on PreSonus Alive consoles. I do many shows on them. They are my hands down favorite for live mixing. 
Miles Wilkinson

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