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Keep at least the search field in focus until user hits enter

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asked Dec 7 in Studio One 3 Feature Requests by elgonzo (210 points)
edited Dec 7 by elgonzo
This is driving me nuts! I stopped using the search bar, because i always loose events i deleted accidentally, because i wanted to delete search entries that already lost the focus. Until i notice my fault, i already did a bunch of other things and i have to fiddle around with the history. This is "really" annoying.

I am a UAD user, which means i have many plugins i cant actually use because they are not licensed, but UAD always shows all of them (which is an annoying behavior itself...), but i know the name of the plugins i purchased, so a search bar is very useful, but at this state it is making more trouble than helping. It should at least keep the focus until the user hits enter. I don't care, if the search is dynamically refreshed after each key. Just query the search after hitting enter would be feasible.

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answered Dec 7 by gg52 (1,660 points)
Yes this is really annoying! A big vote up on this one
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answered Dec 7 by bailatosco (2,100 points)
Yes, of course!!!