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Bundle File Save Option - A Single Complete File with All MIDI and Audio (Similar to Cakewalk Sonar "Bundle" File)

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asked Feb 23 in Mastering by mavericktaylor (560 points)
Rather than risking the loss of critical dependent files for a song, it would be great to have the option to save a 'complete' single file, regardless of file/folder structure. This would keep it portable for sharing with other Studio One users, as well as archiving, backing up, or simply moving the files around on the same computer.

There is a very similar feature request submitted regarding video being bundled in the file saving as well, but I thought I'd log this one separately, since I'm only looking for MIDI + Audio and I'm not sure if Video would make it more complicated.

I do know that since I started using Studio One, my hard drive is filling up fast, and I'm not very confident of what is safe to delete and what is not. I've already turned off the auto-save, since it doesn't clean up after itself once I 'officially save and close' the song.

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answered Mar 21 by alexandergleich (3,960 points)
Would love to see that!