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Is it possible to use StudioLive 16 series iii + 2 NSB 16.8s + 2 Computers sending virtual tracks?

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asked Apr 19 in Networked Stage Box by mattjohnson25 (120 points)
Hi there! I am looking to purchase a new mixer for our youth band, and I need it to: \

1. Be rack mountable

2. Have a control surface

3. Have 16 preamps in the mixer

4. Network an additional 24-32 preamps over Cat5

6. Network two different mac laptops over Dante or AVB (one for running up to 16 backing tracks, and one for playing virtual instruments with a midi controller).

Is this possible with a StudioLive 16 series iii? Possibly by networking computers and two NSB 16.8 units?

Thank you!


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