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Notion 6 sound bundle download failure.

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asked Sep 5, 2016 in Notion by garybeff (170 points)
When downloading any of the Notion 6 sound bundles the process stops at around 131 MB of 1.4 GB. There is no error message and the (incomplete) downloaded file appears normally in windows explorer. Opening this file (as administrator) leads to an NSIS Integrity Error due to the incomplete download. I have repeated this download process many times with the same consistent result. Curiously, I have successfully downloaded the Notion 6 program, Notion 6 Library and the pdf manual. Only the sound bundles cause the problem. I have a Dell XPS 8700 running windows 8.1. Note: when I obtained Notion 5 sometime ago, I successfully downloaded all sound bundles on the same PC so all I really want to download is the new keyboard bundle.

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answered Sep 5, 2016 by phillwalker (200 points)
I have exactly the same problem, only seems to happen with the Notion 6 sound bundles. Cannot use Notion 6!!!
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answered Sep 7, 2016 by gregdelsavio (300 points)
same problem here only with wood/string/perc bundles, however I succeeded downloading them with a download manager as Jdownloader or folx.

but at the end it changes nothing because these three files are impossible to install on my mac (on the other hand, other bundles and expansions are ok)

are the files in the presonus server corrupted ???
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answered Sep 8, 2016 by franoispiguet1 (140 points)
Please try to download each file at a time. This is working fine here (Windows7 Pro x64)
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answered Sep 10, 2016 by gregdelsavio (300 points)
edited Sep 12, 2016 by gregdelsavio

I tried that way, now with 3 different download manager, 1 file at a time, on 2 different computers, with WiFi AND network cable as specified in the support section, but I still have corrupted file issue on 3 bundles (percussions, strings and guitars) after at least 10 attempts for each file with a good internet connexion ! I also tried with another internet provider...

I had see somewhere they use a super hyper server to distribute the files... hahaha....
regardless the way I tried, downloads fail between 3 and 10 times before reaching 100 percent, and, a corrupted file as a result.... 

6 days now that presonus haven't answered my ticket on the support, nothing at all after sending reminders by tickets, email, or posting here.... I loose my temper !

conclusion => buy and die !

commented Nov 28, 2016 by TechSupport77 (195,480 points)
You will want to submit a Tech Support ticket at if you are having a problem with the download.  You can try during off-peak times, from a different web browser, from a hard-wired connection instead of a wireless connection, or from a different internet connection.  If you continue to have an issue though, please submit a ticket.