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Using 'More Me' function on HP60 with FireStudio Project and my DAW

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asked Sep 23, 2016 in PreAmps, Signal Processors and Monitoring Hardware by adamhamacher (230 points)

I recently purchased a FireStudio Project and an HP60 to live record a band. I have had no issues with recording into the FireStudio or with basic monitoring with the HP60. However, I cannot seem to use the 'more me' (Ext/Aux in) function. Whether it be playing back audio tracks or live monitoring, the Ext. In knob does nothing other than feed the exact same master signal as the 'output A' knob from the stereo main outputs on my FireStudio. I have seen the wiring diagram provided with the manual and tried my best to replicate it, although that doesn't help much. I am using Logic Pro X as my DAW.

for reference, I have my hardware wired like this with TRS patch cables:

FireWire cable from Mac>FireStudio>FireStudio Main outs Left and Right>HP60 Input A Left and Right

FireStudio general output 1>HP60 Stereo Ext. In 1 
FireStudio general output 2>HP60 Stereo Ext. In 2 

I have also messed about with the Universal Control, but this may have only confused me more.

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    answered Apr 7, 2017 by AlexTinsley (924,630 points)
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    The More Me is simply a fancy term for signal boost on the input to the headphone output to the person listening on the monitor. It doesn't boost the signal to the main output of the HP60. 

    Consider More Me, like a guitarist on stage that has a Booster pedal so he can hear more of himself in the stage monitor. In this case the musician is listening to himself through the aux output of the mixer, he may choose to split his signal going to the console and the split signal as a feed his signal into the More Me input so he can hear more of his own source signal. 

    From the manual section 3.2.2 " Stereo Ext. In. The Stereo External In jack accepts a stereo ¼” TRS plug and is used for connecting a third, channel-specific Mix. This is commonly used for a direct input of the artist’s instrument – allowing the channel’s Ext. In knob to act as a “more me” control."