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Studio One 1 cuts from "Record" to "Play" randomly.

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asked Nov 30, 2016 in Studio One 1 by bubblemasterx (150 points)
I initially ran into this problem using an older version of Studio One 1 while trying to record a long session with visual capture programs running in the foreground. I'd set Studio One to record, and checked that in was in fact recording, then switched over to my other program. I came back expecting to have to stop the recording, but instead it was already in play mode and it had cut off my recording only a few minutes in. I checked some forums and googled the problem, with the only potential problem being that I might have run out of disk space. So I changed save location to a drive with over 600GBs of space, hoping that would fix it. Unfortunately, it didn't. So I tried recording again, without anything running in the background, and it still happens. Sometimes after a few minutes, sometimes after only a few seconds of recording. Given the seemingly random occurrence of the problem, I can't pin down what might be causing it.

I'm using:
Studio One Artist v1.6.5.16006

Microsoft Windows 8.1

Presonus Audiobox USB with Universal Control

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answered Nov 30, 2016 by mattcaprio (147,820 points)
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Studio One version 1 is not supported on Windows 8.

Try downloading Studio One v3 Prime (the free version) and see if the issue persists. If you do not experience the issue with v3 then the problem is likely that version 1 is very old and was never tested for use on your operating system.

You can get Prime here: