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What are the featured PreSonus classrooms?

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What are the featured PreSonus classrooms?

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↓ Better Components Inc., Davao City, Philippines


↓ The Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment, Oakland, CA, USA


↓ Qatar Academy, Doha, Qatar


↓ South Gloucestershire and Stroud College, UK


↓ Terre Haute Music Lessons, Terre Haute, IN, USA


↓ University of Louisiana at Lafayette, USA


↓ Sound In You, Stafford, VA, USA


↓ Kendal College, Cumbria, United Kingdom


↓ The New Bridge Network Pop Arts Program, USA


↓ Nicolai Music Collage, Helsingborg, Sweden


↓ Catholic High School, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA


↓ Entrepreneurial Skills through Music Education, Sweden


↓ Silver Burdett Summer Music Institute, USA



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