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vst instrument and fx chain of plugins to save as one channel strip

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asked Feb 20, 2017 in Studio One Feature Requests by dillaoniel (660 points)
edited Feb 20, 2017 by dillaoniel
is there a way that i can save my fx plugins and vst instrument as one so i can load them back up when am ready to use them back as one preset. so can use that sound that i have created sometime back.

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answered Feb 21, 2017 by LBH (3,670 points)
I think this is what studio Ones Preset feature is supposed to do.
Try and look in the manuaƦ in this section: Mixing > Effects Signal Routing - and read under "Navigating Effects Presets" and fwd on that page.

You can also create Studio One Multiinstruments.