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Why are the meters in UC Surface so slow?

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asked Apr 10, 2017 in AR Hybrid USB Mixers by Audiolabs (200 points)
Hi: Metering in UC Surface is lagging by as much as a full second. Very Annoying. The same metering in Studio One 3 is real time with no perceptible lag, running simultaneously. If I close Studio One the meters still run super slow.

MacPro Tower, 16G RAM, 4 Core Nihalem with SSD drives.

Studio One V3 (latest) US Surface 2 (latest).

RM32AI on Firewire (up to date Firmware). Connected to Mac via CAT5. That is: Mac Ethernet to Router, router to RM32AI.


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answered Apr 10, 2017 by wahlerstudios (104,460 points)
selected Apr 12, 2017 by Michael Martin
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PreSonus has given a warning about this in the release notes of UC Control 2.0.1: "Control and metering for mixers connected over firewire exhibits lag". The problem can/should be solved by reverting back to UC 1.8. You can continue to use UC 2.x on an iPad. Both UC versions work perfect together.
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answered Mar 29, 2018 by danielsievert (11,390 points)
I was about the ask this question as well and saw yours.

I'm finding that the lag is not just in the metering but also in the control response.  I make a change to my SL16R III via UC Surface and it takes around a second for the change to apply.

I find that the metering is jumpy and sporadic.  It seems to be constantly hanging and refreshing.  This means that trying to set dynamics attack/release time visually is not practical. This a host of other meter-reliant issues.

I've tried USB, wifi and CAT5 connections on both MAC and PC and all respond the same.  I even tried altering the sample buffer on the off chance that 'audio-interface-style' latencies may affect the metering (but again no change).

Hoping this may be fixed in the next firmware update.