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Drag and drop won't work in studio one

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asked May 11, 2017 in Studio One 3 by grantkennedy (220 points)
I can't seem to drag and drop audio files in studio one and i can't find the files when i use the option to open an existing file on the studio one start screen. These functions won't work with multitracks or individual .wav files. Essentially I can't work on anything unless i recorded it in studio one. I do not have studio one running as administrator.

Dell Inspiron 7000 series

Windows 10

studio One 3

Interface is Presonus Audiobox USB

1 Answer

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answered May 12, 2017 by sirmonkey (2,180 points)

Are you sure that you're dragging .wav files? If you use windows media player, your files could be .wma format (windows wave file format)

If so, you would need to convert them from .wma to .wav.  I believe Audacity can do that for you. I have run into this before. In my case, my computer came with a player that can do this conversion.  Maybe this is not the problem, but I figure there's a chance that you've run in to the same thing as me.