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Midi note dropout on playback/loop

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asked Nov 3, 2017 in Studio One 3 by johnmowery (560 points)

I have a 3-track, 8 bar loop with 3 instruments (Superior Dummer, Loom, and Roland Concerto - however it doesn't matter which instruments they are). When I play back the loop various midi notes drop out from random tracks. This happens very often on different songs with different instruments. It's not an interface problem as far as I can tell since the audio never fully drops out. The CPU Performance bar stays fairly low so it doesn't seem to be a CPU issue either. I've tried the 'clear your settings' method and the problem still exists.

This is on a MacBook Pro running Studio One 

I've included a link to an audio loop of the 8 bar loop 3 times to demonstrate the problem.!AicvT7LttS-ngvseMtpozrZkoW6Pxw

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answered Nov 4, 2017 by erickoite (200 points)
I am having the same problem. I am new to studio one and I can't figure this out. I am using the impact sampler. I loaded some drum samples into it and made a drum loop. It plays the notes fine until it loops back. Then it starts playing whatever random notes it decides it wants to play.
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answered Nov 6, 2017 by karstenwerkle1 (310 points)
I have the same problem since I updated to the
It does not matter which instrument I use and it happens even with only one track with few notes. 
I use Studio one in the 64 bit version on a PC with an Intel Xeon X5670 CPU.
I had no problem with previous versions.
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answered Nov 7, 2017 by johnmowery (560 points)

Heard back from support on this. Seems to be a known issue with 3.5.2. From support "In the interim, you can always download and install 3.5.1 again from your user account, the Previous Versions link". 

I've verified this is not present in 3.5.1

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answered Nov 15, 2017 by daneriksson4 (160 points)
Having a similar problem, for me the notes drop out completely after a loop, so it's playing 3 out of 4 notes.
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answered Feb 21, 2018 by josedownes (210 points)
New to S1, confirming the same (random midi note drop out on playback) in a very light project, can't find any buffers to adjust, more than a bit annoying. Will have to explore "rollback" to 3.5.1 except I've never had it in the first place.