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editing MIDI

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asked Feb 28, 2018 in Studio One 3 by joeypinter-bilek (760 points)

hi everyone, i'm sooooo confused. i use superior drummer, what i need to know is how do i edit (adding individual kit pieces) in sonar it was called "piano view". i have studio one's edit window open, it looks just like MIDI in sonar. however, when i click on the spot where i want to add something nothing happens. i'm quite sure this is something simple that i'm missing. i started looking through JG's videos but it will take a week going through everything he's posted. so, can anyone help me with this, please?

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answered Mar 2, 2018 by robertgray3 (29,910 points)

There a few options, the one I use most is the Paint tool.

Holding down CMD on Mac or CTRL on Windows while the cursor is over the Edit window turns the Mouse tool temporarily into a Paint Tool.

You can also select the paint tool with your number keys or by clicking on it at the top of the edit window.

There are a few other options for inserting/deleting notes with double clicking. If you press the big question mark at the top of the Arrange window it will display the Info View that will show you Mouse options as you hover over certain areas.

This guy’s MIDI editing tutorials were great when I first started. The pencil’s Line option is especially useful for cymbal and fill programming.