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UBS initialization

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asked Mar 4, 2018 in Studio One 3 by alanbaker3 (110 points)
edited Mar 4, 2018 by alanbaker3
Whenever I try to use Studio One, I get an error message reading "The audio device AudioBox could not be initialized.  Please check your hardware configuration and try again".  I've tried using every USB port on my computer to no avail.  I want to initialize every USB port on my computer.  I'm using an AudioBox USB with Windows 7.  I've been trying to make this program work for a LONG time.  I gave up for quite a while, but tried it again tonight.  This is a recurrent problem to which I've yet to find a solution. Please help. Thanks.

Update:  I deleted all the folders as instructed on the customer service site.  I'm trying to download the pertinent drivers for my interface, but it isn't an option.  I have an AUDIOBOX USB. The AUDIOBOX 22VSL and AUDIOBOX USB 96 look similar, but they aren't the same device.

There was a recording bundle option that included the interface I have.  I've installed the drivers for that, but it didn't instruct me to plug in the interface, whereas the instructions state that I should have received that notification.

I reached the point where the toolbar on my computer had a message stating "Device driver software was not successfully installed", but I wasn't given the option of installing the drivers manually. I'm stuck at this point.  I plugged in the interface, but nothing happened.

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