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Is it worth buying an extended warranty from Guitar Center for a Studio Live Series III board?

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asked Mar 22 in StudioLive Series III by Jack Albert (170 points)
Guitar Center is charging around $600 for a three-year extended warranty for a Studio Live 24 Series III. It covers accidents as well as defects. I will be using the board in my home studio where the chances of accidental damage are low. How much does Presonus charge to fix, let's say, a motorized fader that's stopped working?

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answered Apr 7 by josephmusic (800 points)
selected Jun 25 by benpierce
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No. Buy It from Sweetwater and It comes with 2 years for free.

I bought Taylor Guitar from GC and I got the 2 years warranty but 1 years later the guitar broke. It was not our fault It was due to the glue was out and came off and when I told them what happen they did not give me a new one, they try fixing it which was ok with me but took 3 weeks. and one week later it came right back off. I now buy everything from Sweetwater. BTW I still have the guitar which is still broken. I do go to guitar center for guitar pick or cable but when It comes to big stuff I go with Sweetwater or Musician Friends due to they have 2 years extended warranty for free. I wonder why Guitar center doesn't do 2 years free when their son Musician Friends does it. hihi