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Are content download problems for Mac’s recognised and what active steps are being taken to eradicate it ?

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asked Dec 2, 2015 in Studio One 3 by TonyGB (240 points)

Something appears seriously awry with the content download service for me and some other Mac users.  Evidence is mounting that these download failures are specific to Presonus servers not only for Studio One but at least one other of their softwares.

1: I am not the only individual to be affected,  see Notion  Downloading Bundle Sounds impossible . on your site  (2 days ago) and with Studio One of the same site problem with downloading? answered a few hours ago.  This suggests that it is not just a Studio One issue but more than likely a file server issue conflicting with current Mac OS.

2: I checked yesterday evening with my network service provider that my broadband service was functioning as expected. Online tests revealed a clean bill of health.  Just as a soak test today I repeated an exercise of downloading  the El Capitan 6.18GB file from Apple without any hitch.  This verified the integrity of my network for downloads.

3:   Of the multitude of Studio One content download attempts nearly all fail for me at about the 50% advertised download size on my iMac .  I am receiving these downloads at about 1MB/sec so the 680 to 800MB is terminated in the early teens of minutes.   Error messages accompanying these failures are as mentioned by others (see 1 above)  (i.e.  Safari declares ‘Cannot parse response’  or ‘The request timed out’.)   

4:  Downloading content from within Studio One 3 provides a similar failure time and proportion of the download size but the only indication is that the file download ’Failed’.  In this instance and on restarting Studio One 3 the application provides a prompt asking whether the incomplete download package is to be deleted from its download location despite the incomplete file not being visible using Mac’s Finder.

5:  Observing and monitoring network traffic illustrates that the downloads terminate rapidly from a healthy data flow to no bytes. (No data packet loss observed that is gradual.)

6:  Trying to rejoin and pickup where the download failed is not  possible with all of the download failures I encountered. File size is restarted at zero bytes on a retry.

7:  Changing browsers is of no avail,  Using Safari’s various User Agents such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Firefox make no observed difference in failure rate.  Downloading the latest Firefox browser has no observed impact.



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answered Dec 3, 2015 by AlexTinsley (925,190 points)
Consider using a download manager.

Perhaps consider entering a Studio One 3 Feature Request for a built in Download Manager.
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answered Dec 3, 2015 by TonyGB (240 points)
Thanks for your response Alex.  Fortunately I do not need to use different Mac download manager.

As I anticipated my Mac problems have been resolved by Presonus support informing me that they have moved the Studio One content downloads to a higher priority location.   

That declared action must have been implemented because I have been able to obtain all the 36GB of Studio One 3 content for my iMac.