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Many bugs in Capture for iPad

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asked Jun 11 in Capture for AudioBox i-Series by bartonpopenoe (280 points)
Are there plans to fix Capture for iPad? I am using the full paid app version and my experience is that the touchscreen goes "dead" after issuing most commands... meaning that as a user I get one chance to try any operation before Capture needs to be restarted. It's been this way for as long as I've owned the app but I keep checking for updates and it's been a year. Is there an older version of the app that works?

For what it's worth, because of these issues, I decided to transfer all of my audio files to my laptop so that I could delete Capture from my iPad. The weird thing that I found is that all of the above issues seemed to go away if the iPad running Capture is physically connected to a desktop computer using a lightning cable.  Definitely not behavior that I expected, but it does alleviate the buggy behavior. The downside is that the primary purpose of Capture on an iOS device is portability, and if the app needs to be physically connected to a Mac OS device in order to operate, the portability is severely reduced.

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