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Micro qui, une fois le mode "record" enclenché, fait des sons étrange, saccadé, je ne peut pas enregistré.

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asked Jul 11, 2018 in Studio One 4 by louisbenoit (150 points)

Bonjour, alors j'ai récemment acquis Studio One 4 artist, avant hier pour etre exact, mais quand j'ai branché mon micro ( auna MIC-900), et enclanché le mode record sur ma piste, celui-ci a commencé a faire des sons vraiment bizarre, des sons saccadés, je ne peut donc  pas enregistré. Peut etre que le probleme est au final tout bete mais j'ai beau chercher je ne trouve pas le probleme, alors que sur Audacity, il marche parfaitement, donc je ne pense pas que cela vienne du micro, j'espere que vous pourrez m'aider :)

(English Translation)

Hello, so I recently acquired Studio One 4 artist, before yesterday to be exact, but when I connected my microphone (Auna MIC-900), and switched on the record mode on my track, this one started to do sounds really weird, jerky sounds, so I can not record. Maybe the problem is in the end all stupid but I look hard I do not find the problem, while on Audacity, it works perfectly, so I do not think it comes from the microphone, I hope you can m help :)

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answered Aug 31, 2018 by AlexTinsley (925,190 points)
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The problem is that your USB Audio microphone does not offer a low latency ASIO driver for use on Windows. The jerky audio you are getting is the huge 1/2 second latency that Windows audio gives you for your recording buffer. You will need to use an application like ASIO4ALL to get the low latency you need to get this to work better.

Ideally you should invest in a USB Audio interface that has an ASIO driver for it made by that same company like our AudioBox USB, then plug your Mic into that.