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how do i install vocalign to studio one 4

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asked Jul 31, 2018 in Studio One 4 by kenwilliams (150 points)
my newly purchased vocalign pro does not show in studio one 4 and will not install

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answered Aug 30, 2018 by brianmeisner1 (194,940 points)
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You will want to log into your account and go to My Products>Add-ons.  Click the link for Vocalign and then click the blue link that reads "Learn More" at the bottom of the page.  Here you will find exact instructions.  

First, if you just created a new iLok during checkout, you'll want to visit iLok License Management to choose a password and complete your profile. You can also recover an existing password there.

Then, if you haven't downloaded and installed the iLok license manager yet, now is the time!

Download Now 

Then open the iLok License Manager, log into your account (your account email is bmeisner), and copy the license to the iLok License Manager.
Note: If you need to use your license on multiple computers, drag the license onto your iLok USB Key.

Need further iLok assistance? Learn More Here

Once your iLok is configured properly, you will want to go to the SynchroArtst web site.  Here is a link to download Vocalign.