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Downmix To Mono

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asked Dec 10, 2015 in Studio One Feature Requests by LMike (14,730 points)

When you render a mix you really should be able to tick a box and force it to downmix it to true mono, a mono file.   People doing voiceovers and similar have to jump through a few routing hoops to make that happen and in such a nice product it really should be unnecessary.

If you look at Cubase / Nuendo (manual text below) and some others "Export Mixdown", you'll often see an option / check for "Mono Downmix". 

In the Audio Engine Output section, specify whether you want to export all subchannels of a multi-channel bus as separate mono files (Split Channels), downmix all subchannels to one mono file (Mono Downmix), or export only the left and right channels of a multi-channel bus to a stereo file (L/R Channels).


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answered Dec 10, 2015 by Vocalpoint (560 points)
I am a VO pro and need S1 to be able to logically render my daily VO sessions("songs") (that only contain a single mono track) to true mono - when adding the "song" (VO Session) to a monthly VO "Project".

Currently - S1 only respects the Master Bus (stereo) setting and as a result - all my rendering "mastering files" end up in Stereo when added to the project for each month.