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Thank you for the response..... but...

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asked Sep 4, 2018 in Networked Stage Box by mickmatthews (340 points)

Thank you, and I did see this response to someone's previous question, but I'm afraid I'm really struggling to interpret this (and I am not totally stupid! I promise!).

I tried selecting sends 33-40, and can get the Main outs (L/R) through outputs 3&4 (not 1&2, for some reason?) but nothing else. 

I simply want to use the NSB as a digital snake (for now): all I need are the 16 channels on the stage box to correspond to my 16 desk inputs (which I can do) then outputs 1&2 to be from left and right main outs and the other 6 to be my mix 1-6 for monitors.

I don't see any of this explained in the Presonus set-up video, so I guess I'll probably need to call tech support and have them walk me through it.

Thanks! Mick.

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answered Sep 5, 2018 by stingray1122 (7,700 points)
selected Sep 13, 2018 by jonnydoyle
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Hi Mick,

Take a look at your digital patching for the AVB Sends.

On my mixer, the default digital patching has the Main L/R routed to the AVB Sends 39/40. Mixes 1-6 are on AVB Sends 41-46.

In order to send the Main L/R and Mixes 1-6 to the 8 outputs of the NSB you'll want to change the default digital patching.

For example, patch the Main L/R to AVB Send 41/42 and Mixes 1-6 to 43-48. Then select AVB Sends 31-48 as the source for the NSB Stage Box.