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Move notes between clefs

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asked Dec 26, 2018 in Notion by johaneckman (240 points)


When I record piano notes with my keyboard, I want to separate the right with the left hand. Left hand in the lower clef, and right hand in the upper. I did this small sample recording to show you what I mean. I want to move the selected notes to the upper clef. Is there a simple way on doing this? I'm pretty new to Notion, and I have read the entire manual to find the answer. 

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answered Dec 29, 2018 by martinclarke (140 points)
I too have this on my wish list.  In the case above though you might want to try the adjusting the split point lower so that anything above F3 goes to the treble clef.  To do this go to  File > Preferences  > Midi recording and then adjust the slider down.  

I wish there would be a shift key or something to move notes vertically.  Or select and move like in some other programs.
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answered Dec 30, 2018 by johaneckman (240 points)
I found another solution though. If you cut the notes out from the lower clef and right click in the upper clef and select “paste special - voice 2” (I’m not entirely sure about what it says exactly) you don’t overwrite what’s already written in the upper clef! Until they fix this in the software, this will do.

My picture was just an example
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answered Jan 15, 2023 by mariomalidus (310 points)
Is therefore a solution in 2022?

I need this too.

in Logic you can separate the left and right hand by drawing with a pencil tool…

Hopefully I don’t need to Switch to logic back again…